Head’s Up

A shorter but sweet focused chair massage to address your tired neck, shoulders and back from the waist up. Relieve pressure from alignment challenges, gravity and daily life with the chance to let it all hang loose in our strong, sensitive hands. Although not the full 60 or 90 minute treatment, you may be surprised how you can train yourself to let go with a series of a few of these shorter appointments done every other week over a few months.

30 minutes/$50

Reflexology Foot Treatment

A reflexology treat for your feet. Did you know there is a strong connection in your central nervous system between the soles of your feet and pleasure/pain receptors in your brain? Experience the release of tension in your central nervous system through an indulgent 45 minutes of focused, incite full massage and acupressure of your feet. This service includes a warming spruce foot bath, followed by a mask for your feet and lower legs as preparation for the massage and acupressure treatment. Leave this service feeling like you’re walking on clouds, from your soles, up.

45 minutes/$60

Aromatherapy Massage

Combine the power of touch and aromatherapy to soothe tired muscles, reduce stress and delight your senses. Choose from our complete line of Dr Hauschka essential oils and lotions for a treatment that is good for you inside and out.

60 minutes/$100

90 minutes/$150

Therapeutic Massage

Target your areas of chronic pain and/or sore muscles for a full body treatment including Dr Hauschka essential oils of your choice. Maintain healthy muscle tone and stretch when you let our hands do the work. Treat yourself with a weekly or monthly appointment so you stay the limber, energized and relaxed person you are.

60 minutes/$100

90 minutes/$150