Dr Hauschka: the cornerstone of your most beautiful skin

Dr Hauschka Products and Services:

Beautiful skin is one of your most vital organs and needs extra tender, loving care. At N.Y. Hair Co. & Spa we respect the life forces and natural rhythms of your skin. We use only Dr Hauschka products in our facial treatments. Gentle massage, delicate steam cleansing, and delightful aromatherapy from Dr. Hauschka essential oils and skin care products soothe and invigorate. All of our facials are performed by a master certified Dr. Hauschka trained and licensed esthetician.

We also perform facial peels and collagen masks, customized to your skin’s condition. These add-on services compliment your daily regime and monthly facials to maintain your healthiest skin.



This renewing whole body experience starts with a warm foot bath and gentle stretching of the neck and arms. Lavender-infused compresses lead into a holistic facial that includes deep, gentle cleansing, two mask treatments and lymphatic stimulation. This classic treatment also includes relaxation strokes for legs, feet and hands. The result of the 2-hour treatment is a radiant complexion and a remarkable feeling of lightness and inner balance.

When you can’t indulge in the full 2-hour service, we offer a 60 or 90-minute facial customized by our Dr. Hauschka Certified Esthetician to fit your skin and scheduling needs.

120 minutes/90 minutes/60 minutes $165/$125/$85


A 30-minute slice of heaven for your face based on our best selling Dr. Hauschka facial. Using all Dr. Hauschka products, enjoy soothing touch as your face is cleansed, toned. hosts a mask and finally moisturized with the precise Dr Haushka selections for your particular skin. This shorter service omits some of the massaging effects of the famous brushwork and stroking of our full service but is the perfect skin maintenance regime for anyone to carve out 30 mins of tranquility & leave glowing.

30 mins/$45


Refine and strengthen mature skin using Dr. Hauschka’s regenerating line, which contains biodynamic red clover and raspberry seed oil. Fine lines are visibly smoothed and skin is firmed. This facial includes a collagen mask and Intensive Treatment 04 for Mature Skin or 05 for balancing and supporting Menopausal Skin.

60 minutes $105


A focused treatment for clogged pores and acne using Dr. Hausckha’s clarifying products. This treatment includes a facial steam bath using warm compresses, a deep and thorough extraction process and clarifying clay mask detoxifying the skin.

*Intensify the benefits by adding a glycolic peel to your treatment for more dramatic results $30

75 minutes $100


Customized for dry delicate skin, mature skin, inflamed acne or oily conditions, this deep cleaning and soothing facial controls rosacea and reduces redness and inflammation using organic products.

* Intensify the benefits by adding a Rosacea Peel for $30

60 minutes $85


Recognized by medical and spa communities alike, this treatment is a complete holistic therapy that stimulates healthy functioning of the lymph system promoting deep relaxation and restoring inner balance and well-being. Specific techniques address the entire body through a series of finely executed movements, enlivening the body’s natural rhythms, encouraging healthy respiration, circulation and detoxification. Energy and balance are restored; the entire body enlivened.

75 minutes $125


Restorative and opening back treatment for tension release and deep breathing! Breath deeply once more with a relaxed and open back. Tension begins to melt away as you step into a grounding footbath. Rhythmically performed body strokes paired with beautifully crafted certified organic Dr. Hauschka Body Oils cultivate a feeling of openness and true wellbeing.

45 minutes $65


A facial for your back to clean, oxygenate and bring luster to that deserving part of you that no one ever seems to reach. Great before a bare-backed fashion event, summer swimsuit season or to feel purely fabulous. Yes, we can do extractions when necessary.

60 minutes $85



Can be added to any facial or enjoyed as part of a 30-minute stand alone treatment

Mask or Peel Service added to any facial $30
Saving Face Peel for mature, hyper-pigmented skin which responds to azelaic, salicylic and lactic acid $65
Glycolic Peel for fine lines & wrinkles Improves acne $65
Rosacea Peel for sensitive skin soothed with azelaic and azulene acids $65
Collagen Mask to firm, plump & smooth away fine wrinkles $65



Customized vegetable color that lasts up to 6 weeks

Brows 15 minutes/$25

Lashes 15 minutes/$25

Both brows & lashes 30 minutes/$45



45 mins/$55

Curl or straighten your lashes until they are naturally shed,  6-8weeks. Forget mascara and filling every two weeks. Get your own lashes working for that bright-eyed look as often as you want with no maintenance in between.


Make Up Reboot

Update your use of make up and the palette that brings out the best of your assets. Have a custom palette created for you featuring as much or as little as you want to wear

30 minutes/$45

Special Event Effort

If your hair and nails are getting special attention so should your face, especially if there is photography involved. Relax and enjoy the pampering for your big event.

45 minutes/$65


*Prices reflect starting points & increase with service demands.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow $17
Eyebrow Shaping $25
Lip $17
Chin $17
Two Site $29
Three Sites $41


Other Waxing

Neck $30
Full Face $60
Under Arms $34
Full Arm $45
Chest $70
Back $70
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Lower Leg $51
Full Leg $70
Full Leg & Bikini $100